Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tiffany Christmas

All images Country Living

I've left it ages again to blog but, come 2010, it is my new year's resolution to blog at least once a week. And I do have an excuse as have been relaxing in Thailand for the last two weeks without Mac. Bliss.

This blog is about, shock, colour! I'm totally in love with Tiffany blue since seeing the shots above in Country Living a couple of months ago. Ness Lockyer over at Marley and Lockyer reminded me of just how gorgeous it looks for Christmas. Quite unusual but it works so beautifully in Vicki's New York pad.

Although not the first time I've seen a tree decked out in pale blue. Here is London Tiffany and Co has sponsored ice-skating at Somerset House which means the most enormous Christmas tree decorated in Tiffany's signature hue complete with twinkling lights and the cutest ice skate decorations. Heavenly. Better still, there's even a Tiffany tuck shop where you nip in for an apres skate mocha and Tiffany cupcake courtesy of the Hummingbird Bakery. Mmmmmmmm. Love Carrie XX

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